The best way to learn is by doing! Creating impactful AI solutions isn’t easy, but it’s fun and exciting. Our summer internship is a great opportunity to get valuable, first-hand experience by working on interesting and socially useful AI projects.

software engineers

Our software engineers develop smart solutions that are proactive, user-centric and based on expert domain knowledge. Being a part of this team poses challenges that require creativity, flexibility, passion and persistence. You will learn about working with microservices, data streaming, integrations, and much more. This means getting in touch with a number of different technologies and frameworks, with your mentor supporting you every step of the way.


Our AI engineers constantly look for novel solutions for our smart components that are in accordance with the latest developments in the world of AI and machine learning. This is a team of bold individuals driven by a passion for innovation and experimenting. Your mentor will be there to guide you as you get the experience of researching, implementing and applying ML models to real-life problems. You will also learn about the best practices in situations where you don’t have sufficient data for training elaborate models.

DevOps engineers

Our DevOps engineers focus on providing fully automated solutions that ensure stability, scalability and speed. Providing and managing an infrastructure for a diverse and flexible platform can be rather demanding, and this team makes constant efforts to support the developer teams in the best possible way. With your mentor, you will learn about important technologies for working with cloud-based platforms, and best practices for tackling some of the challenging processes in complex architectrues.
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To apply, send us your CV and motivation letter at

Applications are open until May 30th.

There are two available slots for the accepted interns to choose from: 4-29 July and 5-30 September 2022. The internships are financially compensated.

If you have any questions, drop us an email or contact us directly on our Discord channel.
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Feel free to contact us if you want to find out more, if you're interested in a demo, or would like to hear about the available job opportunities. Reach out even if you just want to come for a cup of good coffee and discuss autonomy.

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