Revolutionizing the way we treat patients by extending healthcare outside of hospitals

As per the UN, in 2019 the world population had 9% of people aged 65 years or over with a growing trend and estimates of 16% in 2050. 86% of all deaths, or 4 million per year, are related to chronic diseases in Europe while 70% to 80% of all healthcare costs in the EU - an estimated €700 billion - are currently spent on chronic diseases. Aging population and chronic diseases are creating huge loads on healthcare ecosystems around the world.

Expertise and compassion of best doctors and healthcare workers built into Mindsmiths Customer Relationship Brain enable hospitals, insurers, pharma companies and health apps to create solutions that are proactive/preventive and reduce time to diagnosis and unnecessary visits to hospitals.


Megi is an active AI prototype employed in the Croatian healthcare system. Megi currently helps more than 80 chronic patients from Magdalena Clinic and the Community Health Centre in Zagreb manage their condition, with a remarkable compliance rate.

How should a patient fare in the absence of regular doctor visitations? Amid an overburdened healthcare system, a chronically suffering patient succumbs to habitually neglecting his most necessary self-care routines. 

Presenting the results of Megi’s impact on healthcare

We have discovered that alongside Megi

Gathering information about the patient is significantly quicker

Change of therapy can be achieved in 3 weeks

instead of 6 months

Doctors can divert their attention from patients

with regulated conditions to patients with

alarming blood pressure disorders

Patients are encouraged to actively stay

on top of their illness


Andrija enables citizens to self-assess the risk of being infected with COVID-19 and provides the most actual updates on security measures during the pandemic. Within a week of his launch, he managed to reduce the number of calls to national medical institutions by 25%.