At Mindsmiths, we are on a mission to positively influence people's lives.

We are able to tackle highly-regulated industries and aim for greatest impact by utilizing expert knowledge from diverse fields such as AI and software engineering, medicine, economics and psychology. 

We cherish a highly dynamic start-up culture and philosophy, nursing independence, resourcefulness and fostering a growth mindset. In our team we gather diverse specialists: alongside expert developers, we feature psychologists, sociologists, journalists, psychotherapists, economists and legal professionals.

The Traits of a Mindsmith

At Mindsmiths, we look to bring our core values of inclusivity, service to others and guidance to life in our mission to build the best digital relationships possible for the betterment of humanity.​

Every Mindsmith pushes out of their comfort zone to be the best they can be by:

  • Creative & unconventional thinkers

  • Having an honest and direct communication

  • Seeing failures as opportunities for growth, learning from mistakes while sharing those experiences and findings with others

  • Finding thrill in uncertainty

  • Being inquisitive and curious about different areas, including others in the learning journey

  • Having a growth mindset

  • Always going the extra mile

  • Being weird :)

Grow With Us

We are always trying to improve our work, and that means improving our coworkers. Working at Mindsmiths gives you an opportunity to:

  • Create products that impact thousands of lives

  • Change the game and truly make a difference

  • Social events & positive vibes, pet-friendly office

  • Build yourself through mentorship and constructive feedback from your colleagues

  • Take responsibility and start new initiatives

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Diversity Statement

Mindsmiths is dedicated to promoting diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. Diversity is more than a commitment at Mindsmiths—it is the foundation of what we do. We believe interdisciplinarity is key to solving complex problems which is why we take pride in our employee structure consisting of top-talent from Technology (60%) as well as Humanities (40%) backgrounds, all while 37% of Mindsmiths’ senior roles being held by women.

Become a Mindsmith

Do you envision yourself as a part of our team? Reach out to us at

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