Enabling banks to digitise relationships with

their clients

In most banks, only HNWI and private banking clients have the opportunity to encounter highly personalised relationships with their banks. Due to high costs of tailored services, the majority of bank’s clients stay underserved in this aspect.


Whether it be simple math like planning your own expenses, picking out the right credit card, determining the size and tenure of cash loans or bigger decisions such as purchasing your first home or figuring out how to save and where to invest, the clients are either invited to visit the bank branch or handled by Call Center agents.


Unfortunately, such interactions are mostly product focused rather than centred around the client and their financial wellbeing. Needless to say, the status quo of relationship management relying on a Brick & Mortar branch or Call Center is cumbersome, expensive and not scalable in line with clients expectations. Clients these days expect real-time and personalized services from their banks, on top of that, it has never been easier to switch to another provider.

It is a fact that mobile banking apps already have quite a high usage penetration for transaction execution. UX varies, but even the best players mostly target convenience. However, this is not sufficient if the bank wants to create and maintain relationships with clients through digital channels. The key problem is how to properly digitize high-touch aspects of sales and the relationship between the Client and the Bank. 

Our methodology and technology enable us to digitize both the compassion and expertise of top human experts and make it available through the cloud. When the bank integrates Mindsmiths Customer Relationship Brain it makes their digital channels smart, proactive and emotionally intelligent. As a result, it will be possible to provide guidance to all clients throughout tailor-made financial decisions and move relationship management and sales from Brick & Mortar to Digital.