Enabling all companies to leverage capabilities of autonomous support systems.

We envision a world where autonomous support systems work for the benefit of everyone. Crunching data and analyzing signals in the background to proactively offer advice on which medicine to take, which class to attend, or which retirement plan to choose.

But creating effective autonomous support systems is expensive and complex. It requires profound engineering and social science know-how together with a lot of time and resources. This was so far available only to very advanced tech companies.

We provide clients with the necessary tools and support to integrate autonomy into their processes in a matter of weeks, no matter what was their starting point.

Mindsmiths is NOT a no-code platform

We believe you need skill, determination, and thinking out-of-the-box to build autonomous support systems that will help your business create a competitive advantage. That's why Mindsmiths is not a no-code platform that you use to automate simple tasks. Instead, we have built a development framework to handle even the most complex real-life cases.

There are hospitals using Mindsmiths to take care of their chronic patients outside of the hospital setting. Best schools are using our platform to offer proactive support and guidance to their students. Banks are building autonomous support systems to help their clients make the most of their money.

Mindsmiths officeMindsmiths officeMindsmiths officeMindsmiths office

Trustworthy and responsible AI.

It's true - a fully autonomous machine can create a lot of value but also, if not done right, do a lot of harm. So trusting it to make decisions for you is a serious matter.

Although we believe that autonomous support systems will change the world, we also think that such great power needs to be accompanied by even greater responsibility. That's why:

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