We believe in a world where all people can get access to proactive world-class guidance. The democratization of knowledge is one of the biggest promises of AI. Guidance in complicated situations aims to resolve problems. Should you take your child to the ER now or later? How to manage your chronic medical condition day-to-day? How to behave during pandemics? Should you take a loan from the bank? Do you even qualify for one? What to do when you are involved in a car accident? How to use the technology that is at your disposal for improving your life and of those around you?

We believe that, if the person from the other side really helps you, calms you down or continuously advises you well, you will not care if that person is real or digital. Our main KPI is about how technology that we are building affects the lives of real people. To achieve such a human centricity, besides great engineers our team also includes amazing humanists: psychologists, journalists, content creators and media experts.

The founder and CEO of Mindsmiths is Mislav Malenica, an AI engineer focused on building emotionally intelligent AI solutions that have a positive impact on the world. Spending the last 16 years in the field of AI, he has developed a strong interest for game theory and modeling of human behavior. Mislav also serves as the founder and president of the Croatian AI Association (CroAI).

Mindsmiths are a proud member of CroAI, an organization that gathers AI companies and AI enthusiasts from Croatia, whose mission is to ensure that Croatia can give a significant contribution in shaping a better, future world. CroAI’s vision is to establish Croatia as one of the leading destinations in the world for research and development of solutions based on artificial intelligence.

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We are a team of 25 people, based in Zagreb, Croatia in the European Union. We are motivated by an idea that we can use artificial intelligence to improve the lives of different people from all over the world. If you share our vision, join us!

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